President of the Independence Hall of Korea Kim goo hyun

We heartily welcome you to the Independence Hall of Korea where the spirit of Korea lives on

Welcome to the Independence Hall which is the living spirit of the Korean nation.

The Independence Hall embodies the spirit of the Korean nation and informs people of the Korean people's dignity. For thousands of years throughout history, the Korean nation deeply suffered. But we tenaciously protected our ethnicity and country with a national spirit and an intense patriotism. In the modern age, no other people suffered as much as the Korean nation.

It has been a hundred years since the Japanese imperialist stole our sovereignty and it has been sixty years since we regained our independence Korea began as an extremely poor country but, even though Korea is a comparatively small country, we became a global economic power.

This is a miracle in world history. To this date, no other people or country has accomplished anything like what has happened in Korea. The proud spirit and soul of the Korean people who made that miracle is present in the Independence Hall. We will remember the numerous patriots who willingly died for Korea's independence and we continue to work hard on their behalf for national progress and for world peace.

In the Independence Hall, please feel the spirit of the Korean people who love freedom and peace. And please enjoy the beautiful forest and nature that is here. Thank you.